Data Protection


This document includes policies for the Mediterranean Bowling Championship (MBC) concerning handling of personal data which either directly or indirectly can identify a person.
The document is prepared as a consequence of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, the so called GDPR.


Personal data

Whether we are talking about national federations, championship hosts, tournament organizers or other persons or legal entities MBC is cooperating with, contact info like email addresses and mobile numbers are a mix of personal data and company data.
It is not possible for MBC constantly to distinguish in the nature of the data we are handling, for which reason we always are considering all such information as personal data.


Email addresses of national federations

It is an obligation for each national federation to deliver at least one email address, which we can use for our mailing lists to federations and for other contact purposes in our organization.
The addresses delivered are decided solely by each national federation and each federation is permitted to request for more than one address to be adopted in our list.

All national federations must be able to an easy access to each other, for which reason the list of email addresses for national federations is published at

As soon as a national federation is asking for a change, whether it is an extra address, the ex- change of an address or a removal of an address, it will happen promptly.

If the membership of a national federation is terminated, all related information about the federation will be deleted immediately.


Tournament applications

Tournament applications, received from organizers and from national federations, include email addresses and mobile numbers of organizers. The applications are reviewed and adjust- ed before the form of the application is published.

Tournament applications are deleted as a part of the maintenance procedure for received and send emails.


Tournament Approvals

When a form is completed, an approval email is sent to the organizer, the national federation of the organizer and the MBC President. Tournament approvals are kept for the ongoing year and the foregoing 5 years.


Published forms in the Tournament Calendar

When a tournament is approved, the completed and adjusted form is published on the MBC website at The form is deleted from the calendar shortly after the conclusion of the tournament.


Championship applications

Championship applications, received from potential hosts, include email addresses and mobile numbers of the contact person of the host.

If applications are kept after the conclusion of a championship, it is the responsibility of the person keeping the application to delete identifying personal data in the application.


Other material

In case of other material including identifying personal data, such material must at a maximum be kept in the ongoing and the foregoing year.

It is the responsibility of the keeper of such material to store the material in a way, which ensures an easy annual maintenance.


Received and send emails

Received as well as send emails are kept 12 months + the ongoing half year. Early January and early July all received and send email with a date stamp older than 12 months are deleted.


Maintenance is a personal responsibility

MBC’s data is not stored at any central server, since the MBC consists of 3 persons with their own office facilities in 3 different countries. It is therefore the responsibility of each individual to follow the policies set forth in this document.



The website of the MBC uses cookies, so we are able to prepare statistical material about the number of visitors and how often they are visiting the site. By the use of cookies, we are also able to remember user codes and passwords for protected functionality. This information is used by the MBC both to adjust and to optimize the content of the website.

Only the MBC and Startlogic, the company hosting and supporting MBC’s website, have access to information collected via cookies. Such information is never forwarded to third parties.

You are able to administrate if, and also how much, you want to accept cookies. You can ad- just the cookie settings in the browser, or browsers, you are using. We will draw your attention to the fact, that you might lose functionality at the website, if you delete cookies.


Rights to require stored personal data verified or deleted

When we are handling your personal data, it is, according to the GDPR, your right to request a list of the personal data, which we are keeping about you.

If it is found that the personal data we are keeping about you is incorrect or misleading, it is your right to require these data to be corrected, blocked or deleted. You can at any time object against any MBC handling of personal data belonging to you.

If you want to know which personal data MBC is keeping about you or you wish such data corrected, blocked or deleted, you must contact the MBC Chairman Marios Nicolaides at